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How to Prepare Your Water Heater for Winter

February 8th 2021

Having been in the business for more than half a century, we here at NCT Plumbing have established ourselves as expert professionals for the installation and maintenance of your water heaters in Fort Worth, Texas. The last thing anyone wants is a cold shower when it’s -20 out, so make sure you follow these tips and you’ll be prepared for winter.


Two things you should check first, both to ensure efficiency and that your water heater is doing its job properly, are the anode rod and the pressure release valve. The anode rod is directly related to the sediment build up in your tank. An anode rod collects any corrosive elements that might be in the water. These corrosives can eat away at the lining of your tank. If your tank is more than two or three years old have it checked by a professional. The rod may need replacing if it is covered in calcium, missing pieces, or is less than half an inch thick. Checking the pressure release valve is also important because burst plumbing is the last thing you want in the wintertime. Checking the release valve should be on your heater checklist for the cold season. To check it: locate the lever on top of the release valve, lift these two or three times in a row and watch for leaks. You should hear a faint hiss or water when you open it. If you don’t hear these, call a professional immediately.


There are two additional things you should do to help your tank before winter hits, insulate and flush it out. Older tanks are not as efficient as the newer ones and cannot hold the heat in as easily. You don’t want your tank to work extra hard to keep the water up to temperature. Purchase a fibreglass ‘blanket’ for your tank and ensure it stays warm too. Make sure to keep this blanket away from the flue duct though! If you have pipes that are susceptible to freezing there as well are some good insulation options for those. What happens if you constantly use the same water glass and never rinse it out or wash it? You for sure don’t want the same thing to happen to your tank, which is why we recommend flushing your tank at least yearly. It's super simple too. Turn off your heater. Let it cool. Attach a hose to the drain valve and find a place for the water to go down (drain, outside, bucket). Let the tank empty and have at least one hot water tap completely open while it drains. New fresh water in your tank, a great thing to do.


If you feel your home might need a little hotter water in the winter, make sure to ask us about a water heater booster. Don’t have space for a new heater? A water heater booster can increase your hot water supply by up to 45%, not to mention the energy, space-saving, and money in your pocket over a brand-new tank. With vacation mode, eco mode, and even freeze protect, it’s a good investment.


For any water heater maintenance in Fort Worth, choose NCT Plumbing and we’ll show you how much we value integrity and excellent customer service. Let us come and maintain your water heater, contact us today!

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