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Slab Leaks - Detection and Repair

NCT Plumbing provides solutions for so many plumbing problems in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Keller area! If you need new construction or repair plumbing services in most any part of Texas, Scotty and his team at NCT can take care of anything you need. Including the newest water bill eating issue that we are seeing a lot of lately: Slab leaks.

Slab leaks……where do you even start? Over the last several years of creating solutions for several slab leak in homes there has not been one that’s the same. A homeowner may start getting suspicious of having a slab leak by the obvious water showing up or feeling a hot spot on the floors. You may even have a higher water bill, hear water running when not using your fixtures or even running out of hot water faster than normal. Slab leaks normally show up on the hot water side but can show up anywhere they like.

We have a process of determining if you have a slab leak and then coming up with a solution that best solves the problem by working with best suits your budget. Once we come out on an initial visit to visually diagnose signs of a leak we then determine if a leak locate specialist should come in and pin point the exact location. Not all leaks are the same size or obvious as others, that’s when we bring in a leak locate specialist to help us make the best decision for repairs.

In some cases a spot repair is necessary and your only choice. In other cases, isolating the line by accessing water manifolds in your wall we can delete the leaking line and reroute the line overhead completely eliminating the possibility of another leak on that same line. We have also tunneled under structures to repair leaks. All these solutions are considered depending on where a leak is located.

Some slab leaks can take only one day and we had them take 3 days. What we can promise you is we will give you an upfront estimate of repairs and a solution and stand by it. We will work diligently on your behalf knowing your time is important.

DID YOU KNOW..........?

If you have had more than one slab leak you could have repiped your home for the same price, It’s true. Slab leaks can get very expensive for the actual repair plus cosmetic repairs to your home. Instead of worrying when the next unexpected slab leak will occur you can have peace of mind and have all new plumbing installed overhead instead of in the slab. All homes are different, we can come out to your home to verify the layout of your home and provide you with an estimate.

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