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Need More Hot Water? Get A Water Heater Booster!

If you need more hot water in the mornings for visiting guests but don't have space or money for a new, bigger heater, then NCT Plumbing wants to introduce you to the new Rheem Water Heater Booster. We install many hot water tanks in new construction homes or as a repair plumbing service in the Fort Worth area of Texas. With the ability to increase your hot water supply by up to 45%, this compact device can save you space, energy, and money over the other option of installing a new tank.

Rheem Water Heater Booster

There are times when all you need is more hot water in your home but for many reasons – like when the tank is new and you don't want to replace it or there's no space for a bigger one – there seems to be no way to get more. This Booster is a solution to those and may other problems. Along with giving you extra hot water, it also has these other useful features:

Vacation mode
-This feature will shut down the tank. While you're away, this will conserve water an energy.

Eco Mode
-This mode allows you to set a schedule so that the tank heats up only at set times of the day.

Freeze Protect
-This mode powers on automatically to protect your pipes when the water temperature drops below 60°F

If you need more hot water but don't need a new tank, the new Rheem water heater booster is a great solution. Contact us at NCT Plumbing for more info!

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