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5 Signs You Might Need A New Water Heater

June 14th 2017

What Are 5 Signs I Might Need A New Water Heater?

Over the past 50 years NCT Plumbing has been installing and repairing water heaters in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. We have seen many leaks, puddles, and dirty water from old hot water tanks. Since we are experienced with every stage of the life of a water heater, from new construction plumbing to replacing your old tank, we decided we would share 5 common signs that a water heater is nearing the end of its useful life. Knowing what to watch for could help you avoid a flood in your home from a broken tank.

Age: A typical water heater will last for 10-15 years. Wear and tear from heavy usage can shorten that life span too, so if you have a growing family that uses hot water often keep an eye out for signs of aging earlier than that. If you don’t know the age of your hot water tank check out the manufacturer’s website. It will tell you where and how to find the manufacturing date.

Rusty/Metallic Water: When the inside of your hot water tank starts to break down, the corroded interior starts to mix with your water. The result is water that is metallic in color, taste, or smell – or all three! Metallic water can also be caused by other plumbing problems, so don’t jump to replace your water heater until you’ve given us a call.

Noise: There are a few different noises that can signal end-of-life problems inside your heater. Banging and clanging could be an involuntary valve system failure. Rumbling is the result of sediment building up on the bottom of the tank for years, heating and reheating, and hardening. That layer will make your tank less efficient and cause it more damage as it keeps reheating. Pops and cracks are usually the sound of your tank cracking. Any of these noises are a good reason to get in touch with us about your water heater.

No Hot Water: This could be a sign that your pilot light has gone out – so check that if you are able to. However, if everything seems to be running correctly and you still get inconsistent temperature or no hot water then there is a problem This is usually a sign of a layer of sediment on the bottom of your tank that is preventing the water from being in close contact with the heater. Flushing your tank may remove some of that sediment, but not enough to make a big difference. Give us a call to talk about your options.

Water Around Your Tank: This means water is leaking out of your tank. If water is leaking out of your tank then your tank is cracked somewhere and needs replacement. It is possible that a pipe nearby has cracked – so check that too – but if your pipes are fine then it’s safe to assume you need a new hot water tank.

NCT is ready to help with all your water heater questions and needs. Our turnkey water heater replacement includes all the parts and services needed to replace your hot water tank. Give us a call or check out our water heaters page to learn more.
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