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Water Treatment System Installed for Well Water

January 15th 2019

Water Treatment System Installed for Well Water,

NCT Plumbing serves residential and commercial customers in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas with the highest quality plumbing products and services for new constructionrepairs and remodels. We have built NCT Plumbing upon honesty and integrity, with an objective to establish customers for life, and a goal to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. As we enter our 51st year of operations, it becomes clear that our mindset to serve others first must be hitting its mark.

Water treatment system install in Fort Worth, Texas

NCT Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing services in Fort Worth/Dallas, including installation, service and repair of water treatment systems. Recently, we installed a water filter system in Fort Worth, Texas specifically designed to treat well water.

The system includes a pre-sediment filter to catch larger debris such as sand that comes through the well pump. It also includes an additional filter before it is treated with the last phase of UV light to kill any harmful bacteria found in well water that is typically eliminated with the chlorination process of city water.

City water does not need sediment or UV filters. All you need for treated water supplied by the city is a carbon based filter to remove the chemicals such as chloramine and any others toxic treatment solutions used to treat public water.

Filtering home and/or drinking water offers many benefits

There are many benefits to filtering your home or drinking water, and NCT will consult with you to select the ideal water filtration system to meet your specific needs. From single and dual water filters to reverse osmosis drinking water filter systems on up to city water whole house filters, water softeners and well water systems, NCT has the water treatment solution for your residential or commercial setting. The proper unit will be low maintenance over the years if the filters are replaced at the correct intervals.

By allowing you to drink water directly from your tap, our water treatment systems will contribute to greater health of your family, while protecting your plumbing fixtures and appliances from scale and hard water buildup. With filtered water, you can say goodbye to contaminants, metals, odors and the need for chlorine and chloramine from city water, along with the irritating effects these chemicals have on skin, hair and eyes. Chlorine-free filtered water for showers and humidifiers will improve symptoms of asthma and allergies in your home as well. Check out our whole house water filters album on Facebook!

If you need a plumber in Fort Worth or Dallas, Texas, give us a call and allow NCT Plumbing to become your go-to for residential and commercial jobs. Our Master Plumbers have over 100 years of combined plumbing experience, and we are happy to put that expertise to work for you. We offer our customers Emerald Club membership for priority scheduling and savings on evaluation fees and service repairs, plus an extended warranty on replacement services and a free annual plumbing inspection.

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