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Some Signs that It's Time To Install a Water Filtration System In Your Home

May 4th 2022

Every homeowner should consider what amenities they want in their home. Sometimes, the house itself displays signs of needing an upgrade or a repair. NCT Plumbing is an installer of whole home water filtration systems who services Fort Worth, Texas and they are here to give you 5 signs that it’s time to install a water filtration system in your home.

Your water smells or tastes bad

It should not be a surprise that the smell or taste of your water is a sign you have a problem. Your water should be examined, smelled and tasted for chemicals or pollutants. It isn’t uncommon, however, for undetected contaminants to make their way into your water, but generally, if there is a strong smell or taste, it comes from excess chlorine, sulfur and heavy metals. This is normally handled by the city to establish acceptable levels, but you may want additional levels of purity.

Your home is older

If your home was built before 1986, you should consider what materials make up its internal plumbing. Lead pipes, leaking systems, and your runoff environment are all things to look for. Before 1986, homes were more likely to have lead-based plumbing systems. This takes away from your purity level of your water, and might necessitate the installation of water filtration.

Stains on your clothes

If you’re finding excess stains on your clothes, it may be caused by metals in the water such as copper and iron. After laundry, check to see if there are any stains on your clothes that are bluish. This can indicate a high level of copper in your system. You should get your water tested to confirm, then install a water filtration system so both your clothing and drinking water are safe.

Your home was built with a well

Though most people get their water from the city in which they live, those who have a private well must ensure they test their water annually for bacteria, contaminates, nitrates, and pH levels. If your well is near agricultural or industrial operations, runoff may be present and contaminate the well at any time. Instead of only testing your well, you may consider regular annual tests and a whole system water filter. The filter will provide peace of mind and pure water.

You are constantly scrubbing

Scrubbing things in your home to some extent is normally. But if you find you are consistently scrubbing to clean up a soapy mess, this might indicate that your water is too hard. Hard water means that there are increased level of calcium and magnesium present. When you’re scrubbing, you’re working to remove these substances as they prevent cleaners from working properly and simply wash away with water. A water filter fixes this issue and even helps with the buildup you see on water faucets and drains.

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Check out our water filters page for more info about brands we install, then contact us to book an appointment!

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