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Rotted or Deteriorating Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

January 19th 2022

When it comes to replacing old cast iron drain pipes and repairing pipes due to foundation repairs you need a plumbing professional that you can trust. Here at NCT Plumbing we put your best interest and budget first giving you good, better and best solutions for whatever your specific pipe replacement or repair need is. Removing cast iron pipes and installing new drains under the foundation can be a stressful time and we understand that. When you hire us to replace the pipes in your home we will explain the procedure and work diligently to complete a job in its entirety so that you and your home can get back up and running a normal schedule as soon as possible. Here are our most common questions about a cast iron pipe replacement.

Why are my cast iron pipes bad or deteriorating?

Deteriorated Cast Iron PipeIn the Dallas and Forth Worth area most homes built prior to 1980 have cast iron drain piping that is failing. Most commonly the grease from the kitchen drain is the biggest contributor to this. The grease will eat away at the bottom of the pipe creating a channel and slowly over the years completely deteriorating allowing sewage to escape under the foundation. In most cases the kitchen drain line has already been draining under the house for years without a homeowner knowing it and as a result causing foundation issues.

Can I repair only a small section of pipe?

Unfortunately, once the piping system has gotten to this point it’s likely that the entire system needs to be replaced. In some cases, the kitchen and washing machine line can be isolated and be rerouted to the main sewer outside the foundation allowing the bathrooms in the houses to remain. We can perform a video inspection to evaluate and confirm the integrity of the remaining system to see what the best options are.

How much damage is inside the house during drain pipe replacements?

How Much Damage To My Home For a Repipe Pipe ReplacementWe replace all the drain lines from the exterior of your home. Although this is very expensive you save on cosmetic repairs and being interrupted inside your home. We excavate under the foundation, also referred to as tunneling and on the exterior of the home to replace all the drain pipes. The only interior work is for video inspection, locating equipment, and disconnecting and reconnecting any drain lines under cabinets. On some occasions there could be further interior work needed depending on the situation.

Are there other alternatives for replacing my cast iron pipes besides tunneling under my house?

Depending on the situation there are alternatives out there you may want to consider such as pipe relining but you just have to be sure what you are getting and the end result and cost. We specialize in replacing your cast iron pipes with brand new PVC pipes just like a new construction home. We do this by hand excavating below the foundation and on the exterior.

How much does it cost to replace my cast iron piping?

All homes are different and we will come out for a diagnosing fee to determine the best solution for your situation whether it be short or long term to what suits your interests the best. With our video and camera equipment we can get a good idea of the integrity of your current piping system. In some cases, your insurance may help with some of the costs. Repairs or replacements can start in the 5k range and go up to 10k – 20k or more depending on the size of the home and situation.

Should I replace all the cast iron pipes in my rental or investment property?

We also specialize in replacing drain lines in investments properties by removing concrete when the house is under renovation typically at the frame stage. We saw cut, remove concrete, replacing drain lines and then pour all the concrete back. Along with this we replace all water piping overhead with pex piping and new valves. We can get your rental property to the condition of a new construction home so you don’t have to worry about any maintenance fees.

Foundation repairs and plumbing

Plumbing Pipe Replacement Below Your FoundationWe are often called out for hydrostatic testing and plumbing repairs during the foundation repair process. We are familiar with working with foundation companies during this process so you can have your plumbing repaired and tested for a passing result for your foundation warranty.

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