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Most Common Types of Sewer Problems

February 5th 2021

NCT Plumbing is your go-to source for anything plumbing related in Fort Worth, Texas, and the area. There are a wide variety of common plumbing problems when it comes to your home. Whether it is repaired for known issues, optimizing your existing plumbing with maintenance, or re-piping/installation, we can do it for you and will do so with the utmost excellence in customer service. With over 50 years in business, you know you are getting the knowledge and professionalism you need. Here are some of the most common problems and how we can help you fix them.


  1. Tree Roots


Root intrusion and all the accompanying problems for your pipes and sewer line happens often, especially if pipes are older and built of materials inferior to PVC. When planting trees in your yard make sure to check with your local sewer department (or ask the home inspector when you purchase a new home) where the sewer lines run. If these lines run exactly where a tree must be planted, pick a slow-growing variety that when mature is less than 20 feet tall. Knowing where your lines are means it is easier to spot potential problems and issues as foliage or existing trees grow. Remove trees that might grow into your sewer line. Prevention and maintenance are best to avoid costly replacement.


  1. Broken/Misaligned Pipes


Weather and especially the freeze/thaw that comes with both spring and fall can cause havoc to your plumbing. Shifting soil can also cause pipes to move, crack, collapse, or break. If you are constantly having pest problems, like rats or cockroaches, it may be a crack or hole in your plumbing. Rats, cockroaches, and other insects can all squeeze through very small holes or cracks. The detriment to your house and health with these animal problems stack up quickly, so make sure to set aside time for inspection and maintenance to catch small problems before they become big ones. Some things to look for that can indicate an issue are spots of mould or stains on walls/ceilings, lush and extra green patches in your yard (sewage acts as fertilizer if there is a leak),cracks in your foundation, indentations in your lawn or under pavers, and smell of sewer gas in or around your home.


  1. Blockages & Backups


Blocked and slow-flowing pipes are common to every home and we deal with these issues all the time. Hair, scale buildup, leaves/sticks, ‘flushable’ wipes, and food are just some of the common culprits of slow or blocked drains. Disposing of things properly and ensuring all in your household do the same is a great way to prevent any of the above. A few things to watch for as possible problems are drains making a gurgling noise, poor water pressure, and bubbles in the toilet when using the sink closest to it. In case of a backup, know exactly where your water main shut off is. The sooner the main is turned off when trouble starts the less water damage you will have.

We at NCT Plumbing hope you will give us the chance to earn your business. Whether you need to convert from septic to sewer or need repairs ASAP on some of these common problems, give us a call and let us show you why we’ve been in business so long. The job is not finished until it is done right. We serve and respect customers in Fort Worth and the surrounding area. Contact us and get some maintenance done today.

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