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How do I repair a crack in my bathroom sink?

July 6th 2021

With the majority of North America starting their day with a cup of coffee in a ceramic mug, a cracked bathroom sink is a slip of the hand away. NCT Plumbing, top-tier residential plumbers from Fort Worth, Texas, highlight a few ways to fix a crack in a bathroom sink.

Generally, two different approaches to fixing a porcelain sink exist, both of which are dependent on whether the broken piece is available. In most cases, the term porcelain can be interchanged with ceramic.

Without the broken piece

If the broken piece isn’t available, epoxy putty will be your best friend. The substance is excellent for this case/use because of its inherent properties, such as gap-filling and sanding ability. To apply epoxy putty, a handful of steps need to take place to ensure a permanent bond between the broken chunk and the sink.

Step 1: Clean and dry the area to be repaired. A simple household cleaner and rag will do fine.
2: Cut off a portion of epoxy putty equivalent to what you think you’ll need, then begin kneading it in your hands while wearing a pair of latex gloves.
3: Apply the putty and ensure it is flush with the surface, use a spackling knife.
4: Mold the placed putty with a finger dipped in warm soapy water.
5: Wait! 15 to 60 minutes is all that’s needed or until dry.
6: Sand with emery paper until it’s smooth.
7: Apply matching porcelain paint and wait to dry.

With the broken piece

You will find quite a few steps matching those above, but since you don’t have to create the broken fragment, clear epoxy glue will suffice

Step 1: Lightly sand the surface to be glued using high grit sandpaper.
2: Clean and dry the surface.
3: Most epoxy glues feature a double-piston design to activate the glue. Depress both pistons onto a surface you’re okay with disposing of. Cardboard is a good option. Don’t forget to protect your hands with latex gloves.
4: Mix the compounds using a popsicle stick or other disposable tool. Mix for at least a minute.
5: Apply glue to both the back of the broken piece and the sink. Line up the piece and press it into the sink until it’s flush.
6: Wipe away the excess. Don’t forget to hold the piece in place for at least ten minutes to ensure a solid bond.

Would you rather hire a professional?

The most important thing to consider when repairing a cracked sink is to assess the job before you begin to work. Is the broken piece available? Do I have the knowledge and the time to do this type of repair? if you would prefer to not have to repair a broken sink, let our professional team take care of your bathroom repairs, construction, or renovation. Check out our Repair Plumbing Services or New Construction Plumbing pages for more details!

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