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Fort Worth Texas Water Service Repair

November 12th 2019

NCT Plumbing offers high-end residential and commercial plumbing, water pipe repairs and replacements, hot water heater installation and repairs, drain cleaning and backflow device testing services. We have been providing stellar services in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth and Keller. Our plumber in Fort Worth can deal with diverse plumbing problems with minimum hindrance in your personal and business setting.

Understand The Concept Of Main Water Service Line

The main water service line is the collection of water pipes that deliver the water supply to the home. Most of the time, these pipes are installed before the town’s streets are paved. These pipes are what connects your home to the local water services. Generally, the water service line stems from the main water line beneath the street to the front yard and from there, it runs into all the parts of the house ensuring uninterrupted water supply. During summer 2019, NCT plumbing completed numerous main water line repair projects. Due to the excessive rain this summer, there were a lot of reported incidents of main water line damage.

Why Do Water Main Lines Break?

Main water lines are the main source of water supply in the house and any leak or damage to the pipes can disturb the water supply. There are many reasons by which the main water lines break and some of them are listed below:

Hot Weather and Rain: The hot weather and frequent rain cause the shift of the soil around the main water line. In the summer, there has been a lot of rain in the Fort Worth, Keller area and this soil shift puts a lot of stress on the main water line. With this frequent stress, it would be a matter of time that the pipe fittings will bust loose. Most pipe fittings are not susceptible to the pressure and this is why many plumbers recommend the use of plastic pipes.

Excavation Work: When the contractors or utility workers dig the ground, they can hit the water pipes which can cause leakage in the main water line. The excavation machinery and even simple tool such as a shovel can cause damage to the water lines.

Pipe Material: the older pipes are prone to breaking and cracking. The water main lines installed before 1980 are made up of iron which does not expand or contract when the temperature changes. This can cause breakage in the pipes as well.

Pressure Changes: the temperature change can cause a change in the pressure in the water main lines. This can also be caused by thermal expansion. When the ground around the pipe heats or freezes, the pipes contract or expand which can lead to ruptures. The plumbing repair services are a viable solution to all kinds of water leaks and pipe bursts.

We understand how frustrating a water main line break can be and we provide same day services and deal with all issues with urgency to fix all the problems related to water mainline.

How To Tackle Slab Leaks

A slab leak can increase your expenses and also cause issues such as water heater running for a longer time and feeling hot spots on the floor. It is a myth that slab leaks occur on the hot water side but on the contrary, this is a problem that can arise anywhere it likes. We can help you detect slab leaks in your home. Our professionals will pinpoint the exact location and will provide repair services that fit your budgetary requirements.

NCT Plumbing can handle all your residential and commercial plumbing issues. We tackle all the issues with urgency and keep all safety requirements in mind. Give us a call when you are in need of plumbing services for your home or business.

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