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Commercial Plumbing Repipe in the Grapevine Historic District

September 10th 2019

Commercial Plumbing Repipe in the Grapevine Historic District,

When a home needs to be repiped, our team at NCT Plumbing is happy to help. We provide plumbing services in Fort Worth Texas and the surrounding area and repipes are a job we’re great at. Recently a commercial building in the Historic District of Grapevine Texas needed a repipe. We were excited to see our work go towards making a historical building continue to be useable.

Grapevine is an interesting city and suburb of Fort Worth. Primarily a tourist location because of its proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, it has a few interesting locations to see, including its Historic District.

Unlike what the name suggests, the historic downtown of Grapevine isn’t a sleepy tourist attraction full of dusty, old, unused buildings. This area is a vibrant, active, and bustling location full of modern shops, fine wineries, and much more. The old mixed in with the new creates something special for visitors and locals alike. Here you’ll find shopping, dining, entertainment, and other activities throughout the year.

Since the building NCT Plumbing were working on was older, we had to do a complete repipe. This included bringing needed sewer and drain pipe replacements into the building as well as installing new gas lines and a new tankless water heater.

Whenever pipe replacements or repairs are needed for residential or commercial buildings, our experienced team is ready for anything – including working carefully on an older building. To complete our work in this structure, we had to find and remove all of the older piping then add new pipes. We did this by getting under the main floor of the building with pipes and bringing them up as needed. As you’ll see in our pictures below, the new pipes look great!

Our team here at NCT is proud of the work we did on this building in Grapevine just as we’re proud of any work we do. We have been providing plumbing services in the area since 1968. We have a proven track record of great work and we’re determined to keep it!

If your residential or commercial building needs a repipe or other plumbing services, contact us at NCT Plumbing or book an appointment online. You can also take advantage of our community discounts and Emerald Club membership. Learn more here and let us know if you have any questions!

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