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Some Plumbing Items to Consider When Planning Your New Home

June 4th 2021

Did you know ancient Rome had plumbing? Considered a modern marvel at the time, the Romans combined years of experience and advanced civil engineering to provide the city with hot and cold water and waste removal. The good news is over a hundred years of combined experience is brought to you by NCT Plumbing, servicing Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas.

NCT Plumbing is a new construction plumbing specialist serving the DFW area, and they want to provide you with some plumbing tips for new constructions

Install Multiple Shut-off Valves

Like most systems, plumbing works best when it is first installed. Eventually, it will require maintenance and may encounter problem. When that happens, it is better to have prepared ahead of time by installing multiple shut-off valves. More specifically, each fixture, such as a sink or bathtub, should have its own shut-off valve, making it easy to isolate the problem area and fix it without disrupting the water-flow to the residence. In addition, NCT Plumbing recommends shut-off valves be placed in easy-to-reach locations like a garage instead of a crawl space, and they recommend each fixture’s hot/cold lines be given a valve.

Plan For Future Needs

Whether your house has room for additions or you simply want to add a water-softener, planning for the future growth of your house will save you time and money in the future. During new construction, it is best to predict to add amenities like a garage wash basin or a water-softener and making sure connections are installed. Even if not connected at the time, the available connections will save you additional plumbing costs, as the contractor will not have to cut into a line.

Your Outdoor Plumbing Is Important Too

Outdoor water faucets are just as important as indoor. Being able to reach your entire yard from your home with a hose, or simply have a shorter distance to carry water out to a garden, are just a few ways you could benefit from additional faucets at regular intervals around the house. Furthermore, you may consider an outdoor pool, sprinkler system, or outdoor kitchen in the future. Your plumber can easily add service points and leave them capped off, ready to be used when you need them.

Focus On The Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the house. Planning out your kitchen will save you a headache in the long run. A kitchen typically has hot and cold lines for the sink and dishwasher, as well as a sewage line for the drain. If you plan to have an island, having the lines available now will save you time and money installing them in the future. Another consideration is the distance of your hot water heater to your sink. If it’s a long distance, a second water heater may be beneficial.

Not All Bathrooms Are The Same

NCT Plumbing recommends you evaluate each bathroom individually. Your master bathroom may include a jacuzzi tub or multiple shower heads, while your spare bathroom may only include a single basic head and a bathtub. Toilets, sinks and walk-in showers all have different requirements and may change the required layout of plumbing in your home.

Your Laundry Room Has Specifics Based On The Machine

Generally, washer doors swing open to the left and dryer doors open to the right. It would make sense that the fixtures for the washer be on the left and the dryer blow-out on the right. Alternatively, you might be considering a stacked washer and dryer. This is also the ideal time to consider a laundry room sink or wash-basin.

Bonus Fact

Homeowners now have a choice of water-heater. Tankless water-heaters are becoming more economical and more consumers are able to afford them. Tankless water-heaters are the least restrictive as far as installation location, while water-heaters with a traditional tank require an outlet for electricity, or a gas-line for natural gas tanks. Some homeowners, depending on the size of the house, are opting to place a tankless water-heater near their master-bathroom if they have large tub, and leaving a regular water-heater to supply water to the rest of the house

For new home construction and general plumbing needs in the DFW region, contact NCT Plumbing where every plumber is a master level, ready to share 100 years of combined experience with you.

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